Ensure that your visitors from Britain, the rest of Europe and Africa will get in touch with you online as fast as possible

bumble horse gives you the opportunity to host your websites and web apps in a cutting–edge datacenter near Coventry, UK. This will take you nearer to your target web site visitors and will enable you to offer them markedly faster web site load speeds. The UK Servers datacenter is physically located near Coventry and provides superb hosting conditions and the greatest degree of safety. The datacenter facility is staffed 24/7 by skillful admins who look after the servers to guarantee a 99.9% uptime.

In our UK datacenter you’ll find a wide collection of hosting packages for your own sites and web apps. All packages offer a 30–day money–back guarantee and are backed up by a 24/7/365 client support service. You’re able to choose the UK datacenter from the pull–down menu on the order page.

UK Located VPS Servers

At bumble horse, we also offer UK Located VPS Servers. All Virtual Private Servers located in our UK datacenter are backed up by a 99.9% network uptime guarantee and a round–the–clock technical support service. The UK Located VPS Servers boast solid–state drives, which makes them lightning–fast, particularly as far as read ‘n’ write procedures are concerned. On top of that, because they are physically located in our UK datacenter, with every UK Located VPS Servers, you will enjoy fantastic connectivity with the rest of Europe and Africa.